Monday 2/03/2020

EFT Tapping, Suicide & The Aftermath

My post today is on suicide, what can lead to it, the aftermath and how EFT can help to deal and process the trauma. In my Blogs I will use real life examples of real clients, changing names to protect their identity. 

I treat clients who are dealing with all aspects of suicide. Whether they are suicidal themselves, have lost someone to suicide or who are trying to support a suicidal friend or partner. I guess you could say I see it from all sides. 

I remember one of my very first case studies. My client had lost her close friend to suicide. She had been struggling for many years with different issues surrounding infertility, early menopause and all the medical issues that accompany it. She had attempted suicide previously and was under the care of the mental health services who unfortunately hadn’t been able to help her. My client had received a phone call one evening from her friends husband who was at work, and sadly for her she was the individual, who alongside her friends husband, discovered the body.  Throughout, from the very first phone call asking her to go and check on her friend she remained calm and went into autopilot.

The events that followed, and the emotions that my client had dealt with on her own for over 6 months were horrific. My client had been the main source of strength for the husband, their children and her own family members. Her  personal grief and trauma, whilst having a catastrophic affect on her own mental and physical wellbeing had been left by the wayside. She knew that she needed help.

 Our first session was, as you can imagine, very draining for her. All of the memories that she hadn’t spoken about from that night had been locked away, and whilst she hadn’t had time or the energy to deal with her own issues surrounding the death of her friend, they were starting to cause insurmountable damage to her own life. 

My client hadn’t slept, had been off work for weeks at a time and was in a ‘very dark place’. She had gone from a bubbly, happy woman to someone who didn’t recognise herself and wasn’t sure what the future held for her. If she hadn’t of sought help at that point, I am certain she would have ended up at a point of no return. My client is now happy again, she reports that EFT changed her life. The tapping we did with EFT helped to deal with all the emotions surrounding her friends death.

 The emotions we processed and cleared alongside the trauma of the actual event included, grief, anger, sadness, loneliness, physical pain, shock and overwhelm. My client had just five sessions with me where we worked on other issues and trauma. Not only has she been able to deal with the aftermath of the suicide but has gone on to address other negative situations. EFT Tapping, processed and healed her trauma, rebalanced her energy system and empowered her to change other negative circumstances that she had found herself in.

In EFT tapping we address the emotions that can feel too big to deal with and all to often my clients tell me that they haven’t been able to explain how they feel because its just too much to think about, they don’t know how or where to start and often believe that nothing can help them. 

This is the beauty of EFT tapping, it can deal with huge traumatic events without causing anymore pain. We can use something called ‘The Movie Technique’ or ‘The Tearless Trauma’ technique which both help to clear the issue without further distress. 

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or any negative feelings, please do not suffer in silence. There is so much help available to you. Talk to a friend, work colleague or a neighbour. Feel free to contact me for support or a chat. If I don’t answer, please leave a message and ill get beck to you as soon as a I can.

In an emergency, contact The Samaritans for free on 116 123.