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Trauma is something that happens that is an unexpected, dramatic and isolating event with no strategy to deal with it. When we are faced with trauma our bodies react in many ways.


 Trauma can cause many different effects. It can lead to the fight, flight or freeze response, physical and emotional symptoms and can have devastating affects on the body if not addressed. Symptoms of traumatic stress include flashbacks, hypersensitivity to triggers, panic and anxiety disorders, insomnia and nightmares, dissociation, depression and despair and an inability to cope in certain situations. By using EFT to address the traumatic event, we then change our thought process, resulting in healing and clearing the negative emotions that have continued to have a damaging effect on us. Remember, the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. 

It is the thought that causes the energy disruption rather than the event itself. By changing the way we think about the event we then change our response both mentally and physically. With PTSD, the event may have been a real threat or an event that the sufferer perceived as a real threat. PTSD can show up very soon after the event or can take years to develop. If you believe you are suffering from PTSD, I advise that you see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. I have had wonderful results with clients suffering from PTSD and some of my best results have come in this field of work. 
I went to see Rebecca as there were a few areas of my life which made me feel quite low at times and which I definitely thought had held me back over the years. Some of these issues had been apparent since school. 
When I first met Rebecca she had a warm energy about her and made me feel safe and secure immediately. She is highly understanding and empathetic and took time to understand the background to my issues. The EFT itself was new to me, it was hard there and then to understand the lasting positive impact it would have, but 3 months on I am certain it has helped. I do feel like a weight has been lifted and it has helped me put those issues into greater perspective. Rebecca made it clear that she would be there if I ever needed more support in the future. Previously when I have had therapy through other sources I felt as though I had signed up to it for the rest of my life, but that’s not the case here and I felt confident that Rebecca would only prescribe what I actually needed. The setting is relaxed, I felt free to be honest without judgment and it was well worth it. I was initially recommended to Rebecca through a client of hers and I wouldn’t hesitate to pass on the recommendation to others.  Thanks again, Rebecca!

- Marcus - Birmingham

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to the root of my concerns. As a police officer responsible for searching for human trafficking victims I had assumed that these traumatic incidents were the reason for my adhoc crying and low mood. Rebecca really took the time and used different techniques to establish the true cause was an unresolved family issue. I am now able to focus on that and am working towards being a lot happier, thanks so much!

- Leanne

When I first met Rebecca she was so welcoming and warm I immediately felt at ease, when we started to get into the treatment there were lots of tears but that started to ease the further we went along and after our first session felt very drained but some how lighter, that continued after each session and I do feel this has helped me move forward from the past. I would recommend Rebecca and EFT to anybody that is ready in there life to make a positive move forward.

- Sarah

A little bit about Rebecca

Having tried most energy therapies, I have found EFT to be the single most effective therapy that I’ve ever had. My decision to train as an EFT practitioner gave me to opportunity to offer a solution to those that had suffered similar issues as myself.

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