A little bit about me

I discovered EFT when I was 25. I developed anxiety and I wasn’t sleeping properly.  I hadn’t slept properly for over 2 years. My doctor thought that I’d suffered Post Natal Depression and hadn’t addressed it which had developed into depression and anxiety. I was so unwell and didn’t ever believe that I would feel ‘right’ again. 

I was prescribed Citalopram 30mg daily and a strong sleeping tablet called Lorazepam. I was so tired and unwell that I couldn’t focus at work, I wasn’t present as a mother and nothing in my life bought me any joy. I was desperately unwell and felt numb to any emotion.

I was introduced to a well known local hypnotherapist, and whilst I felt nervous and apprehensive, I was eager to get my issues resolved in any way possible. I would of tried anything at that point. We spoke about how I felt and what the issues were and after the hypnotherapy session, she asked me if I would be open to EFT. I had no idea what it was but I felt happy to try it. 

Then we went on to do some tapping, after a relatively short time, I felt a huge shift from my head, which had felt so full and heavy for such a long time. I felt lighter and I couldn’t believe how different I felt compared to the burden I’d been carrying previously. The issue I had initially presented to her, no longer bothered me. It changed my reactions to the memory and balanced the energy disruption in my body. It was remarkable. I felt so lucky to have been introduced to her and it made me realise that I could get through anything using this technique. I continued to see her for appointments as and when I needed help processing different issues. EFT changed my future through dealing with issues that I’d carried through from childhood and also upsetting experiences in adulthood. My clients responses to EFT are generally the same, when I ask how they feel about the issue now they will often say “well it’s just something that happened, I don’t feel like it’s upsetting to me now”.

My Qualifications

I have tried most energy therapies, along with herbal remedies and supplements. EFT is the single most effective therapy I've had. I decided to train as an EFT practitioner after being so intrigued and fascinated by the experience and healing that EFT provided for me.
The results and the feedback I’ve had has been remarkable. I trained with one of the Founding EFT members who had herself been trained by the EFT Founder Gary Craig in the US. I feel so privileged for the knowledge she shared with me. I have been fully accredited by AAMET, and EFT International and I am fully qualified practitioner.
I also gained my Mental Health Awareness level 2 certificate earlier this year and I’m currently in the process and near to qualifying in Neuro Linguistic Programming, EMDR, Psyhc K and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy )to offer within my practice.

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