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A breakdown of what EFT Therapy can help you with.

Phobia & Fear

Phobias tend to be long lasting, rarely resolve on their own, can be intense and are always irrational. In other words, phobias are characterised by the irrational fear of something that is not actually dangerous or happening to you at the time of the fear. 
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When we lose a loved one, it can be very hard to deal with and rationalise. If it was a sudden death or you witnessed someone suffer for any length of time, or even an expected death, all are very traumatic.
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Finding the root cause of addictions can be very hard indeed. Addictions come from the desire to feel better and trauma is often the cause. 
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In almost all cases of insomnia there is an underlying issue of stress and anxiety. This is a very common issue that most of my clients suffer with at the time of their first session with me. 
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Physical Conditions & Disease

EFT can address the energy imbalances that may be causing pain in the body. Since EFT balances the energy in the body, it can be successful in dealing with many aspects around pain and often reduces the physical experience of pain.
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Dealing With Trauma

Trauma is something that happens that is an unexpected, dramatic and isolating event with no strategy to deal with it. When we are faced with trauma our bodies react in many ways.
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Relationship Issues

Many of us will go through difficult times in relationships. However, if you are constantly in and out of relationships, haven’t been able to settle down or your relationship that was once great has now turned into something that doesn’t make you happy anymore, it might be something that you are doing and you may need to put some boundaries in place.
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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are characterized by an abnormal attitude towards food that results in serious, unhealthy eating patterns marked by extremes that impact on a person’s physical, personal, mental and social wellbeing.
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A little bit about Rebecca

Having tried most energy therapies, I have found EFT to be the single most effective therapy that I’ve ever had. My decision to train as an EFT practitioner gave me to opportunity to offer a solution to those that had suffered similar issues as myself.

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